How the Accounting Office Found a Dog a Home

Ya’ll. All the feels on this Friday morning. Literally.

My office has a staff meeting every other Friday morning. If you didn’t know, I work for a local accounting firm.

The girls who sit at the front desk of our office are twins, and they weren’t here when I got here at 7:52 which was extremely odd, but I didn’t think anything of it.  At about 8:10, they come to the conference room and said we just wanted to let ya’ll know that we found this dog at the QT this morning and he’s gonna be here until his owner comes to get him.

We got out of our meeting about 9:45 and he was laying just like this behind the reception desk.  There was at one time 6 of us standing there looking at him and he just laid there and let us stare at him.  You see the girls have gone and got him some food, water, toys, and a leash.  They found him a blanket to lay on.

Right after we got out of our meeting one of the girls was on the phone with his owner.  And, immediately you could tell the conversation was not going well.  She got off the phone and said his owner doesn’t want him back.  We found out he was 9 years old, and up-to-date on all of his shots.  This is literally the sweetest dog ever, like I can’t get over it.

I started texting TJ.  He said, “Hanna, we can not have a third dog.”  We just can’t do it. I knew we couldn’t add this sweet boy to our 4 year old lab, and our 8 month old labradoodle. But, my heart was telling me to figure something out.  We knew this poor baby would never get adopted from a shelter at 9 years old.  TJ said, “Let me call you back.”  He started calling his grandparents.  They said they couldn’t take another one so soon.  They had just lost a dog a few months ago.

I called my mother-in-law crying. I knew without a doubt she didn’t think she needed this dog, but could tell from her voice she would take it if we couldn’t find anywhere else for it to go.  I had called my best friend, because her boyfriend had mentioned looking for one, but he said he couldn’t take a 9 year old dog.  While I was on the phone with my mother-in-law, Spencer texted me back and said, “My boss wants it!”  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

2 hours after this sweet boy was found at a gas station in 34 degree weather, the accounting office/humane society had found him a home to go to tonight!

Ya’ll. If we hadn’t adopted Colt 6 months ago, I would have had this dog between me and TJ tonight. But, we struggle with the two we have already. Raising dogs isn’t easy, let me tell you that. But it is so worth it. And, none of them should have to worry if they will get to eat tonight or where they will lay down.


How We Met

I said in my first post that I would talk more about our wedding.  But, first I feel like I should tell the story about how we met, and how we got to the wedding part.

I met the man of my dreams on December 10, 2014.  It was completely unexpected.  Neither one of us were looking for each other.  But, it is my favorite love story.

I was in the Masters of Accountancy program at UNC-Charlotte.  My best friend, Spencer, had another friend, Kylie, from her undergrad at Campbell who was in the program with me.  Kylie was dating (and still is) a boy named Josh, who lived in a house in Charlotte with two other boys.  Kylie and Josh decided to have an ugly sweater Christmas party to celebrate the end of the semester.  They invited a lot of people from our program, including me, and they invited Spencer.  Well, I told Spence I wouldn’t go unless she did, which is basically how we worked out all uncomfortable situations either of us had.  We tackled it together.

Two weeks before the party, I had went to dinner with Spence and Kylie the night before Thanksgiving.  They had been talking about this boy named TJ who lived in the house with Josh.  And all they said about him was he was really quiet, but he was from Shelby.  So, then we looked him up on Facebook, and I had some mutual friends with him, but had never met or seen him.

So, me and Spence and Kylie were going to go to the party together.  We went to Kylie’s apartment first.  She was flying home the next morning, so she needed to pack.  She decided not to wear an ugly sweater to the ugly sweater party, so we all wore regular clothes.  After she packed her bag, she knocked a beer off the table into her packed bag.  So, we didn’t get to the party until 11:00.  I had planned on leaving around 11:30 because I had to work at 8:00 the next morning.  Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

Once we got there, I was introduced to “the Shelby boy.”  He talked to me for a few minutes, and then walked outside or somewhere.  Every single time he left the room, I held my breath until he walked back in.  I thought he was the most handsome man I had ever met.  I wasn’t drinking, because I had planned to drive home.  I remember standing at the pool table, and he came up behind me and whispered in my ear, “I bet you’re the DD tonight.”

We ended up sitting on a couch.  He was playing this extremely drunk girl in pool.  I was sitting with Spencer and talking to her, while sneaking looks at him the entire time.  The extremely drunk girl spilt half of her beer on his dog (who is now my dog, and sleeps at our feet every night.)

When that drunk girl was playing someone else in pool, he was sitting beside me.  He bet me a dollar that girl would make her pool shot, which was absolutely ridiculous considering she hadn’t made a shot in the past 3 beers.  I won that dollar, and it sat on the table beside my bed until we got married.  Now, it is framed on our kitchen wall.

Even after most of the people had left I sat there on that couch talking to him.  I put my number in his phone and he gave me his.  We finally left sometime around 3:00, and I took Spence and Kylie back to Kylie’s apartment, and then drove home.  I didn’t get home until 4:30 that morning, and was up at 6:30 to get ready for work.  But, it was absolutely worth it.  I haven’t gone a day since then without talking to “the Shelby boy.”  And, now I have his last name, and get to spend the rest of my life with him.  It is the absolute best life I could have ever imagined or asked for.


This is the post excerpt.

First blog post!

Basically my mom convinced me to start a blog.  I had one right after I graduated from undergrad in 2012, and just kind of got busy and quit posting on it.  I never could decide where I wanted that blog to go either.  This one is going to be all about our life as newlyweds.  Basically it is going to cover home improvement, DIY, dog parenting, traveling, spontaneous trips, and lots of laughs.

So, my name is Hanna Butler, and I just married the most amazing man on June 18, 2016.  We had the most beautiful wedding that was absolutely perfect for the two of us.  I’m sure one day I will go into complete detail about our special day, but until then here’s one picture to tease everyone.


Our life is simple, yet still hilarious.  I’m sure you will get lots of laughs out of this blog in the future.


Hanna Butler