Wade Christopher: Birth Story


I wanted to get Wade’s birth story up on here more for myself to remember the details than for anyone’s enjoyment.  Because let’s be honest, giving birth is hard. Probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But, I’d do it again in a heartbeat for my little man.

I was a firm believer throughout my whole pregnancy that whenever Wade was ready, he would come.  I was so confident that nothing I tried to do would ever speed up labor or throw me into labor that I honestly avoided doing most of the old wives tales people like to try.  The few things I did try were more for my overall wellbeing than anything.  The walks and bouncing on a yoga ball only helped my hips. The night I went into labor we didn’t even go on a walk.  At our 39 week appointment I was 1.5cm and 90% effaced. I even had a membrane sweep that day.  And, still hadn’t felt a single contraction.  The whole week between 39 and 40 I would leave work and say well I might see you all tomorrow, and it felt like every day I would have to go back in pregnant as ever.

Wednesday night, August 16th I was laying in bed and TJ had gone to the kitchen to get something to eat. (I had tried a new recipe and it was terrible.) It was about 11:00pm, and I kept feeling something in my back.  It would come and go, but there was nothing in my stomach, no tightening, no pain, none of the signs.  But, I opened an app I had downloaded and started timing the back pains.  It was about 11:40 when TJ walked back in and found me timing.  I said ummm… I think I’m having contractions and they’re 3 minutes apart and about 50 seconds a piece.  His first words, “call your mom.”  So, I did. And, she said she would probably go ahead and go.  So, we jumped out of bed, grabbed our bags, put the dogs up, and left the house at 11:40.  We told everyone to just stay put and we would let them know, but they both had already left their houses anyways.  When we got to the hospital I was 3 cm and 100% with a bulging bag of water.  We were told to walk for an hour and see if we could make any progress because I had to be 4cm to be admitted.  We walked for the hour, and I was admitted at 2:36am on Thursday at 5cm.  We got to our room, and they started hooking up monitors and drawing blood and started my IV.  It felt like all of this took forever.  But, at 4:00am I had a dose of pain medicine, because I didn’t have epidural approval yet.  At 4:20 I told them something had changed.  They checked me and I was 9.5cm and still had a bulging bag.  They kept calling the doctor and he kept saying she’s got plenty of time, it’s her first baby, let’s wait on the epidural etc.  I said uhhh no I’m declining the epidural I don’t think it will make it.  So, they finally called again and said you need to come now.  He walked in, didn’t have time to put a mask on, I pushed for a count of 10 and a count of 5 and Wade was born at 4:35am on August 17, 2017.  I was 39 weeks and 6 days.


Mine and TJ’s parents were in a waiting room right next door to our room, and had just left my room at 4:00 to let me rest with the pain medicine.  When they heard a baby just 35 minutes later, they all said surely not. But, it was our little man.  He knew when he was ready, and he came at just the perfect time.

It was not at all an easy birth, it was hard, and fast, and scary, and kind of a blur now to look back on.  I didn’t really have time to realize I was in labor before I had a baby in my arms.  He is the sweetest baby, and absolutely perfect.


Yes, he has a full head of hair.  Yes, I had a TON of heartburn.  I quit chewing Tums at about month 6 and just dealt with it. Yes, he looks exactly like his daddy with my eye color so far.  No, I’m not mad about it. I love that man and I love that little boy who is his spitting image.


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