Wade Christopher: Birth Story


I wanted to get Wade’s birth story up on here more for myself to remember the details than for anyone’s enjoyment.  Because let’s be honest, giving birth is hard. Probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But, I’d do it again in a heartbeat for my little man.

I was a firm believer throughout my whole pregnancy that whenever Wade was ready, he would come.  I was so confident that nothing I tried to do would ever speed up labor or throw me into labor that I honestly avoided doing most of the old wives tales people like to try.  The few things I did try were more for my overall wellbeing than anything.  The walks and bouncing on a yoga ball only helped my hips. The night I went into labor we didn’t even go on a walk.  At our 39 week appointment I was 1.5cm and 90% effaced. I even had a membrane sweep that day.  And, still hadn’t felt a single contraction.  The whole week between 39 and 40 I would leave work and say well I might see you all tomorrow, and it felt like every day I would have to go back in pregnant as ever.

Wednesday night, August 16th I was laying in bed and TJ had gone to the kitchen to get something to eat. (I had tried a new recipe and it was terrible.) It was about 11:00pm, and I kept feeling something in my back.  It would come and go, but there was nothing in my stomach, no tightening, no pain, none of the signs.  But, I opened an app I had downloaded and started timing the back pains.  It was about 11:40 when TJ walked back in and found me timing.  I said ummm… I think I’m having contractions and they’re 3 minutes apart and about 50 seconds a piece.  His first words, “call your mom.”  So, I did. And, she said she would probably go ahead and go.  So, we jumped out of bed, grabbed our bags, put the dogs up, and left the house at 11:40.  We told everyone to just stay put and we would let them know, but they both had already left their houses anyways.  When we got to the hospital I was 3 cm and 100% with a bulging bag of water.  We were told to walk for an hour and see if we could make any progress because I had to be 4cm to be admitted.  We walked for the hour, and I was admitted at 2:36am on Thursday at 5cm.  We got to our room, and they started hooking up monitors and drawing blood and started my IV.  It felt like all of this took forever.  But, at 4:00am I had a dose of pain medicine, because I didn’t have epidural approval yet.  At 4:20 I told them something had changed.  They checked me and I was 9.5cm and still had a bulging bag.  They kept calling the doctor and he kept saying she’s got plenty of time, it’s her first baby, let’s wait on the epidural etc.  I said uhhh no I’m declining the epidural I don’t think it will make it.  So, they finally called again and said you need to come now.  He walked in, didn’t have time to put a mask on, I pushed for a count of 10 and a count of 5 and Wade was born at 4:35am on August 17, 2017.  I was 39 weeks and 6 days.


Mine and TJ’s parents were in a waiting room right next door to our room, and had just left my room at 4:00 to let me rest with the pain medicine.  When they heard a baby just 35 minutes later, they all said surely not. But, it was our little man.  He knew when he was ready, and he came at just the perfect time.

It was not at all an easy birth, it was hard, and fast, and scary, and kind of a blur now to look back on.  I didn’t really have time to realize I was in labor before I had a baby in my arms.  He is the sweetest baby, and absolutely perfect.


Yes, he has a full head of hair.  Yes, I had a TON of heartburn.  I quit chewing Tums at about month 6 and just dealt with it. Yes, he looks exactly like his daddy with my eye color so far.  No, I’m not mad about it. I love that man and I love that little boy who is his spitting image.


Bumpdate: Week 32

So, we hit week 32 last Friday! Which means we only have 8 weeks until we meet our sweet Wade.  We absolutely cannot wait to have him in our arms.

Wade is now the size of a Florida pomelo or a Squash.  He should be around 4 pounds and 16.5 inches long.  He has always measured a week ahead, but we haven’t heard a true pound measurement of him since our ultrasound around 20 weeks.  Since we aren’t high-risk, we just get measurements of my belly now.  Those are always right on track with where we should be measuring.  When I asked at our appointment last Friday, we won’t be getting another ultrasound unless there’s a growth concern, or we make it to 41 weeks.  I would rather not have either of those, so I’ll be just fine with no ultrasound.

We’ve had a stressful couple of weeks these past two weeks.  The day we turned 30 weeks I started having a toothache, which to make the story short resulted in a root canal the next Wednesday.  We also had an OB appointment the Monday after that, and they found protein in my urine.  We had to do a 24 hour urine collection to check for proteins, and that came back with protein in it as well.  So, they moved our appointment up from the next Tuesday to this past Friday.  At that appointment, there were no traces of protein in my urine, and everything looked fine.  We are still very mindful of my blood pressure, but it is still well under the limits we are looking for.  So, I believe it was a result of the antibiotics I was on for my toothache and infection, and we have kept our appointments at every two weeks.

We are very close to having Wade’s nursery finished, and I will be so glad when that day comes.  This mama doesn’t like to be unprepared.

Hopefully we have an uneventful two weeks and the next update is at 34 weeks after our appointment.

Bumpdate: Week 28

Hello 3rd trimester!

We are 28 weeks pregnant today, which means we are in the third trimester of this pregnancy.  It also means we only have 12 weeks until Wade joins us!

I am still feeling great! I had my 1 hour gestational diabetes test a few weeks ago, and we passed that with flying colors.  We have another appointment next Tuesday for mainly my TDAP vaccine, and a belly check.

We had our first shower last Sunday given by both of our moms, and let me tell you… they went above and beyond for us.  We got so many wonderful gifts for Wade which will definitely help us a lot.  TJ is going to paint his room next weekend when I’m at another shower, and then we can move things in! I cannot wait to get things in his room and feel a little more ready for his arrival.  Since currently everything is sitting in our living room, it will be nice to have everything in his room.

We still have plenty to buy for him, and plenty things to ask for advice on, so look for that post soon.  If anyone has any advice on baby must-haves or pregnancy must-haves for the third trimester, leave them below.

24 Weeks

We are 24 weeks pregnant today!!!  This is absolutely crazy to me, because that means we only have 16 weeks to go until we get to meet our sweet Wade.  There are tons of things happening development wise with Wade these days.  He’s as big as a cantaloupe!  When we had our anatomy scan on the 10th, he was 1 pound and 1 ounce and measuring about 5 days ahead.  He looked perfect too.

I have to do the gestational diabetes test on May 8th! And, I was blessed with a doctor who sent me the drink at the last appointment and will let me drink it at home.  I just have to go in for the blood draw.  Of course I’m nervous about it, I’ve heard the horror stories.

We also really need to work on Wade’s room.  I need to get it all cleaned out, and painted.  TJ’s wonderful sister gave us the crib Alijah used. And, we are so blessed! But, it’s currently sitting in our den.  So, it also needs to be put in Wade’s room.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened lately is we have decided on Wade’s full name.  Wade was pretty easy, and we’ve had that picked since before we knew he was a boy.  But, he hasn’t had a middle name until earlier today.  So without further torture, his full name will be Wade Christopher Butler.  I am in love with his name, and can’t wait to meet the little boy that it belongs to!  And, this mama is also super excited to buy things with monograms on them!  Southern mama for sure! I’ve joined about 7 smocked clothing groups today!

That’s about all I’ve got for now! Only 16 weeks to go until Wade Christopher is here!

Bumpdate: 21 Weeks

How far along:  21 Weeks! We’re past the halfway point.

 Size of baby: Baby is the size of an endive, or if you’re like me and have no idea what that is, it’s the size of a baseball hat.
Gender: It’s a Boy!
Exciting developmental things:  He has bone marrow, and his pancreas is now making it’s own hormones.  He sleeps 14 hours out of the day, and is having REM sleep and dreaming.
Doctor’s Appointments: We have another doctor’s appointment on Monday to see Wade for the first time since 10 weeks.
Weight Gain:  Still just 8 pounds.
Stretch Marks:  None yet!
Movement:  There have been a few moments where we could feel movement this week.  TJ even felt him move last night.  I always thought he was always on my left side, but yesterday I’m pretty sure he flipped to the right.  That side of my stomach is even out further than the left.
How I’m Feeling: I am feeling great.  I know that my energy has come back full force like the books say it might.  I still sleep wonderfully.
Miss Anything?:  I miss fitting in my clothes.  I would like to buy Wade a wardrobe instead of me.
Sleep:  I sleep perfectly every single night.  I could sleep most of the day as well I think.
Food:  Still don’t want a whole lot of pork.  I think I could last this whole pregnancy as a vegetarian and be fine.  The only things I crave are freeze pops, dum dum suckers, Pelican’s, and sometimes vegetables.
Workouts:  We put the boys in training 2 weeks ago.  So, we definitely get our workout every Saturday.  And, practicing with them at home has been tough as well.
Clothes: I can’t wait until it’s consistently warm so I can wear dresses during the week.
Baby Items:  We’ve bought the stroller that goes with the car seat.  Tiffany is graciously giving us Alijah’s crib.  So, that will help us move along with his nursery.  I also picked a paint color last weekend.
Best Moment This Week: Definitely feeling him move was the best moment.
Looking Forward To:  I can’t wait to see our little Wade on Monday.

Bumpdate: 17 weeks

How far along:  17 weeks today!

 Size of baby: Baby is the size of a turnip, or a playstation controller.
Gender: It’s a Boy!
Exciting developmental things:  His senses of sight, smell, sound, and touch are all starting to develop.  His ears are in place on the sides of his head and he has started hearing us.  He can sense whether it is light or dark outside of my belly too.
Doctor’s Appointments: We had a doctor’s appointment for bloodwork and a Doppler on Monday. Everything is great and bloodwork came back just fine.  No markers for spina bifida or any other neural  tube defect.
Weight Gain:  Only up 8 pounds so far.
Stretch Marks:  None so far!
Movement:  I should start feeling movement between now and 20 weeks.
How I’m Feeling: Both me and TJ had a cold this week so it’s been a rough week for everyone.  Lots of sleeping and rest.
Miss Anything?:  I don’t really miss anything yet.
Sleep:  I can sleep like a champ if baby sleeps like his mama we’ll be set.
Food:  Still don’t want a whole lot of pork.  Not really craving anything except vegetables with vinegar and salt.  I used to eat carrots or lettuce with vinegar and salt every night when I was in high school and it seems to have returned.  Although, I’ve added radishes to the mix, and I’ve never had a radish in my life until Tuesday.  Also killing some cucumbers.
Workouts:  Hopefully with the time changing this weekend, it will make our walks more frequent.
Clothes: Still wearing my dress pants from before we got pregnant. And, other than that it’s mostly leggings and dresses.  I can’t wait until warm weather.
Baby Items:  Bought the car seat and the bases this past week, although they’re at mom’s and since we’ve been sick we still haven’t been over to get them or look at them.  I also bought him a few new outfits since we found out it’s a boy!
Best Moment This Week: Being pregnant while sick, and knowing that he’s not feeling any of it is a blessing.
Looking Forward To:  Now, I’m just looking forward to movement and our anatomy scan in a few weeks to see how big he’s gotten since our last ultrasound.

Tuesday Talk

Today, I’m linking up with Erika and Ashley for the Tuesday Talk! On the 3rd Tuesday of every month, they host a link-up to talk about anything that pleases you!

So, basically this is just going to be a bunch of random things that are on my mind.


CPA Score Release.

This is the most nerve wracking score release I’ve ever gone through.  It is definitely worrying me without a doubt.  There’s a lot riding on this score release.  And mainly, I just don’t want to take this last test again.  If you don’t know anything about the CPA exam, let me break it down for you.  There are 4 different sections.  (The test actually goes through a huge change on April 1st, so this is my explanation of the old test.  I pray I have absolutely no experience with the new test.)  And, maybe one day I will share my full experience with this very difficult test.  But, until then the basics.

4 different sections.

2 are 4 hours, 2 are 3 hours.

You get no books, no material, just you, your brain, and whatever grace God gives you.

They’re not easy tests. Not a single one of them.

You get exactly 18 months from the day you pass the first test to pass the remaining three.  If you do not pass the remaining three, you start losing your credits for the tests you have passed.  This is the situation I am in.  If I don’t have a passing score posted on the screen on Thursday morning at 1:00 a.m. I have not only not passed a section, but I lose the one I passed 18 months ago.


Private Practice

Image result for private practice

This show is my new addiction.  I watch Grey’s and have for years.  TJ wanted to start watching Grey’s from the beginning.  I fall asleep on him literally every night.  But, during the day at work I have Private Practice playing on my second screen.  This show is great! It hits me hard sometimes though, because it’s mostly focused on fertility and pregnancy.  But, mostly it makes me like Addison Shepherd a lot. Which is not good, because I hated her the first time I watched Grey’s.


Gender Reveal

Our Gender Reveal is this Sunday!

I am so excited.  I’ve been asked if I’m nervous, and I’m not.

I’m not nervous, but I am ready!

I just want to buy an outfit.  Just one for now. But, I’m definitely ready.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on what outfit to buy, what to watch next, or how to calm my nerves on score release night!